Tips for host families

Here you find our MULTI tips as an introduction for host families:


Tip 1

Communication: Our universal tip is communication. Many problems or questions can be resolved in short conversations. Of course it is sometimes hard to talk about some topics but an open and honest communcation makes living together a lot more relaxing and easier.
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Tip 2

Enjoy your time: MULTI-time is a special and intensive time. Many hosts have too many worries and thoughts which are not necessecary. Don´t forget to enjoy the MULTI-time.

Tip 3

Build “language bridges”: Sometimes problems occur due to the language barriere. At the arrival all participants receive a MULTI-polyglot, in which you can find a short language guideline for all languages of MULTI partners. Additionally you can use dictionaries and online as well as offline translators.
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Tip 4

Stay relaxed: There are different rules, conventions and habits in different cultures. For example good manners can be different. Talk about those things that really bother you, for everything else stay relaxed.

Tipp 5

Discover differences: There are often small and big differences between cultures. MULTI is a great opportunity to discover those differences. Use all opportunities to exchange. Ask your host to talk about his/her everyday life or family. If you are confused of a reaction or situation, don’t react dismissively. Question the reaction and talk about it.
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Tip 6

Flexibility: Teenagers often arrange meetings spontanously with their new friends during the program. Thus, the plans which were made before with the families get messed up. Set up ground rules and stay flexible within these rules. That´s how you can optimatically adapt to your host and your host to you. It can be useful to find ideas for the afternoons and family days. But stay flexible with your plans. Because of the new contacts at MULTI many families decide to spend their family days or afternoons with other MULTI families.

Tip 7

Show interest: Show interest in your host. Let him/her talk about his/her family, everyday life or school. Board or card games can be a good ice breaker and is a lot of fun for everyone. Also making trips or cooking together creates a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere and are good opportunities to get to know each other.
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Tip 8

Food: Ask your host what he/she usually eats and what he/she wants to eat in your family. Offer him/her unknown food or drinks. But don´t be mad if the host does not like everything. If your host has allergies, you will get an information in advance. After the arrival talk to your host about their special eating habits.

Tip 9

Make arrangements: Everyone should be at ease during the MULTI. This does not only include participants and hosts but also the host families. To ensure a pleasant everyday family life aggangements e.g. times for getting up and leaving the house should be made and rule e.g. curfew should be made.
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Tip 10

Allow independence: The easiest way for everyone is, if you show your host where the fridge and the drinks are and offer him/her help himself/herself if they want anything and – very importantly – feel at home.

Tip 11

Openness for new things: During the MULTI- time a lot of new things happen to everyone involved. Keep being open and try new things.
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Special tip

“Always keep cool and have enough pasta with tomato sauce at home”: this tip is from an experienced MULTI host mother and of course it is a humorously tip. It shows how important it is to stay relaxed and approach the new experiences for the fun of it.

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