Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

How much does the MULTI abroad cost?

For the exchange abroad the participants have to pay a lumb sum of 350 € to 450€.

When do I have to transfer the participation fee?

Please transfer the money for the participation fee when being asked to.

Do I have to get vaccinations for my child?

Of course the standard vaccinations protection should be insured. For some travel location a vaccination against ticks is also recommended. Participants of these travel location will receive information beforehand.

Are host presents necessary? What are appropriate host presents?

Small presents for the host families are explicitly welcome. But it is enough to have a small souvenir which are ideally personal or/and refer to Oberhausen or the Ruhr area. It´s about saying thank you for the hospitality. Please do not make money presents or expensive articles of value.

What happens if the security situation of a country changes?

The security of our participants is our first priority. If the security situation of a country changes all necessary consequences are taken. Thus, it is unlikely but can be the case that an exchange to the specific country is cancelled or broke off.

Do I have to take in guest in Oberhausen the year after?

No. However, we highly appreciate the participation at the MULTI in Oberhausen.

What is included in the participation fee?

The lumb sum includes the transportation, flights, insurance, program, room and board in host families. For other expenses as souvenirs or an ice cream to go the young people should take a bit pocket money with them.

Are the participants insured?

During the stay abroad all participating young people are insured by the city of Oberhausen and the respective partner abroad.

Do I have to pick up my child from and bring it to the airport?

No. The transportation from and to the airport is done within the group. A meeting point is agreed upon beforehand (usually it is the touristic bus stop at the Oberhausen main train station).

How much pocket money is appropriate?

Unfortunately, we cannot overall statement on the amount of pocket money. Please remember that the standard meals of the participations are ensured. It is therefore enough to bring some money for souvenirs or an ice scream. We cannot guarantee the safety of high amounts of money. The spending capacity of the respective travel destination should be taken into account which will be a topic at preparation meetings. 

How can I get a hold of the respective group leaders?

All participants receive a telephone number of the group leader for emergencies. The group leaders are in regular exchanges with Marc Grunenberg in Oberhausen, who is the first contact person for relatives and can be contacted as well in emergencies. In extreme emergencies the group leaders can be contacted 24/7.

Is there a guarantee that in the following year we will get a host from our favorite country?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a guarantee for the assignments of host families, because many components such as gender, age, capacities and personal wishes of the young people are taken into account. Thus, also for host families a bit of flexibility is necessary. Of course we try to take all wishes of host families and participants into consideration for the assignment. 

Is there a cost reduction for social security recipients?

The MULTI team wants to make a participation possible for all interested young adults. Please seek a personal conversion with Marc Grunenberg.

Do I need a passport?

For many travels an identity card is sufficient. For some travels a passport or child passport is necessary. This should be organized in time because for some destination a group visa is necessary. Please check if all your documents are still in place, they should be valid for at least another 6 months after the exchange. Please hand in a copy of your documents with your registration. Of course the data security is complied. 

How do the preparations for the exchange look like?

For the exchanges preparation meeting are scheduled. The participation at those meetings are mandatory. The participants get to know not only each other but also get important information to the destination and the cultural specialties. A participation of parents are not necessary, but there is the possibility to clarify important questions after the meetings if the participants have not asked themselves. 

What if my child gets sick abroad?

All participants are fully insured and get all necessary treatments in case of sickness. The group leaders are in regular exchange with Marc Grunenberg at the city hall who can be contacted in case of questions. In the unlikely case of a severe sickness or an accident a transportation back to Germany is self-evident.

What if, my child does not like the food?

If participants don´t want to eat, because they don´t like the food, they should try to politely explain it their host parents. In case of communication problems or insecurities the group leaders can be included as well, so that a solution will be established. 

Do I have to take in my host in the following year?

No. At the registration for the MULTI in Oberhausen you can list the countries from which you would like to take in a guest. Of course no one is obligated to take in a host from a country where they have already traveled to. But often participants want to as they have made friends in the part exchange. 

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