Creative Projects


Drawing and painting

If your Idols are Picasso, Dalí or Monet and you are interested to spread your creativity, then this project is right what you are searching for. At the end of Multi you are going to present your masterpiece while the Fare-Well-Party.


When you are interested in creating your own meals and exploring new flavors, then this is right what you are searching for. Each day we try new dishes out of MULTI-Countries and creat an extraordinary menu.
creative corner

Creative Corner

This project is about creating your own bracelet and making something own your own out of different materials. Be creative and make your own style.


Our theater project is somethings for everyone interested in acting on stage. We gonna work together in a team and explore the stage.
Modern Dance

Modern Dance

Here you can combine creativity and dancing. We are going to create our own dresses, performance and the play. There are no limits.


When you always wanted to learn how to play a Piano, this will be your project to choose. Together with the Projects guitar / Drums we gonna play some music at the Fare-Well-Party, like a real band.


When you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, this will be your project to choose. Together with the Projects guitar / Drums we gonna play some music at the Fare-Well-Party, like a real band.


When you always wanted to learn how to work with drums or percussion this will be your project to choose. Together with the Projects guitar / Drums we gonna play some music at the Fare-Well-Party, like a real band.


Out of clay you are going to create your own little masterpieces. Whether plates or sculptures it’s up to you, there are no limits.


Modern highlights such as the „Lion King“, „The Beauty and the Best“ or „ Aladdin“ are your passion? Then join us and let create our own performance for the Fare-Well-Party.


Together we bring back the days of carnival and create our own float. Show your creativity. We are going to present this piece of Art while the next parade in Oberhausen.


Every day there are so many things thrown away. Today environmental protection is of great importance so we are going to recycle and create our own new masterpieces. Together we can safe the world.
Wind der Nationen

garden of the nations

Since 2014 there already exists one special MULTI-monument in the Volkspark in Oberhausen. This year we are going to creat a new one reminding us every day anew of the incredible time we passed together.


Multi goes to Hollywood. We are going to produce our own little trailer that will be shown in local cinema „Lichtburg“.
Human Beatboxing

Human Beatbox

Beats, rhythm and your voice. That are the only things you are going to need learning a new instrument. Join us and explore the extraordinary world of music.
Foto: Urbanatix

Sports project



Running, climbing, vaulting and rolling are aspect of this non-combative martial arts. The faster way will not always be the easiest. However whether insight or out in the nature, we are going to challenge it together.


This is something for everyone who loves sports. Together we gonna evaluate the right techniques and have a lot of fun. The Handball-project is always a great adventure.


We do not know who will be our next World Champion but we will find out soon enough. In a team we are going to train, play in teams and have definitely a lot of fun.


Basketball is a team-sport. So if you love playing as team and challenging each other anew, this is your project. Fore sure we are going to improve our technique everyday.


Every day we are going to do something else. Whether playing waterfall, waterski or try Stand-up-paddling we gonna have a lot of fun and explore the world of water.


Judo as a modern form of martial Art has developed as an Olympic sport. Together we will learn basic techniques how to grab or throw your opponent the right way.


We will built or own canoe or raft and try it functionality. This project is only for swimmers and everyone who is not fearing water.
flag football

Flag Football

Flag football is a version of American football and the basic rules of the game are similar to those we know. However the should be no real contact. The defensive team must remove a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier and take to their opponents end zone.


This a martial art that we are going explore together. Each day we are going learn some new techniques of punching and kicking correctly. As a team we are going to try everything on our own.


This project is about creativity and and balance. Together as a team we developed different techniques and a choreography. You will learn how to trust your partners.


There is not much to say about tennis. Game, set, match. Together we are going to learn basic techniques step by step and create our own little „Wimbledon“.


We are going to try out different styles of dance e.g.“Salsa, HipHop, or Zumba“. Finally we are creating our own MULTI-Dance. We are looking forward to your creativity.
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