Host Families

Information for hostfamilies

All participants are hosted in host families. This is one important aspect of Multi. So the youngsters experience vividly the normal family day in Oberhausen to intensify that way the exchange.


The host families are from Oberhausen (or the near environs) and have youngsters aged 14 – 18 years. Knowledge of foreign languages is not required but helpful. Some of the youngsters coming to Oberhausen speak German, most of them English. But living together without knowing a jointly language, is very interesting. And here the MULTI-Polyglott is very useful.

There should be a bed or another sleeping device. If the host youngster sleeps together with the youngsters from Oberhausen, it is self-evident that a boy can be in one room with a boy and a girl with a girl. Youngsters from those families hosting, can take part at the Multi programme.

Further questions are answered by:Municipality Oberhausen Finances, Health, Culture – Office for Inter-Cultural Affairs

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