MULTI – What’s that?

The basic idea of MULTI is the meeting and the peaceful coincidence of youngsters from different cultural spheres. With common activities the young people recognize similarities, but also differences. During MULTI bridges are built hundredfold between the adolescents. Bridges between the youngsters from different cultures, intensive bridges, which often last for years.

MULTI lets the young people experience interculturality in pleasant atmosphere, for example during common projects with musical or sporty background, which they take peacefully into the normal everyday life.

The accommodation of all participants from the foreign countries takes place in host families. This is an important aspect of MULTI. Thus the youngsters experience the normal everyday family life in Oberhausen at first hand, so that as a result the exchange can be intensified.

Host families should come from Oberhausen (or the closer environment) and have youngsters at the age of 14 to 17 years.

Language skills are not necessarily required, at best useful. Some the guest youngsters speak German, most English. But also living together without finding a common language can be very interesting. Moreover, the Multi-polyglot can be helpful at this. For the youngsters there should be a bed or another sleeping-place available. If the guest should sleep as well as/the Oberhausener young person in one room, it is natural that a girl can only come to a girl and a boy only to a boy. Youngsters, whose families host a guest/guests, can participate in the program of MULTI.

In order to promote the intensive youth exchange, the youngsters participate in the program together. The adolescents leave the house together in the morning and participate in the MULTI-program daily. The participation during the entire measure is free. The family has breakfast and dinner together with the guest. For the daily program during the week the organizer makes lunchboxes available. The organization of the weekends – as well as fare – is done by the host families.

The insurance for the adolescent guests is beared by the City of Oberhausen as organizer.

At the time they arrive the guests are brought with the arrival from the airport to Oberhausen and you as a host family can come to fetch your guest at a central meeting place in Oberhausen. There is also the check-in, where all participants receive a MULTI-pass, general information and a bus ticket for the entire MULTI-time.

For the host families there is one MULTI-leader per country available as a contact partner.

Apart from the framework program again many surprises are planned.

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