Projects 2018



Drawing / Painting

If your idols are Picasso, Dalí or Monet and you create new masterpieces with a lot of creativity, then you are exactly in the right place here, in the painting and drawing project. The works will be exhibited at the Fare-Well-Party.
Kochen 2014


You love to try new dishes and you are always looking for new recipes? Then learn how to cook here the national dishes of the MULTI countries and create a unique menu!
Schmuck 2014

Creative Corner

This project is perfect for those who love to craft bracelets and other pieces of jewelry.
Theater 2012


You always wanted to be on the big stage? You have no idea what "Stage-fright"is ? Then you are exactly in the right place in the theater project!

Modern Dance - "This is me"

You are creative AND like to dance? In this project, the stage, the costumes and the performance itself are created by yourself. There are no limits to imagination and creativity!


You got a natural rhythm always wanted to play in a band? This is your opportunity! In cooperation with the guitar and drums project you will perform as a MULTI band at the Fare-Well-Party.


You got a natural rhythm always wanted to play in a band? This is your opportunity! In cooperation with the keyboard and percussion project you will perform as a MULTI band at the Fare-Well-Party.


You got a natural rhythm always wanted to play in a band? This is your opportunity! In cooperation with the keyboard and guitar project you will perform as a MULTI band at the Fare-Well-Party.

Carnival Cart

Also at the Multi, we like to celebrate "the foolish 5th season"! We will create a carnival cart . Be there and let your creativity go wild!


Do you also think that far too many materials are thrown away? Environmental protection and recycling are important to you? Create new items with a lot of creativity and skills! Upcycling is totally in vogue!


Make your own pieces of art by using clay, such as vases, crockery or creative sculptures.
Singen 2014


Whether "Lion King", "Beauty and the Beast" or "Aladdin", musicals are your passion? We will work on our own performance for the Fare-Well-Party.Time to shine!

Creative Landscaping

Since 2014, the first MULTI monument is located in the "Volkspark" in Oberhausen. This year again, we will work as a team to create something that will remind us of our shared MULTI-time in Oberhausen.
Trickbox 2


Multi goes Hollywood! Together, we will create a movie trailer which will be shown at the cinema "Lichtburg in Oberhausen!

Human Beatbox

You always wanted to learn how to play an intrument, but you never knew which one? Choose the Human Beatbox porject and learn how to make different sounds and beats by using your voice and your mouth!
Photo by Urbanatix

Sport Projects

37584501_2140579549304339_1572351672678612992_n (1)


Climbing, jumping, rolling – In this project you will learn how to get from A to B as quick as possible by overcoming obstacles of all kinds. New challenges are awaiting you inside the gym or outside on the streets of Oberhausen!


On time for the World Cup in Germany next year, there will be a handball project for the very first time. Join the group and learn the correct techniques like the professional players!


The World Cup has ended – but not for us! Passing, dribbling, scoaring… This project is all about kicking and teamspirit!


The city of Oberhausen offers not only soccer, but also basketball. We are going to form our own MULTI-Team! If you enjoy playing with or against other players, this is your place to be!

Water Sports

Three diversified days at the lake are awaiting you: Activities like waterball, waterskiing and stand up paddling are perfect for fun and action lovers! Only for swimmers!


„Judo“ translates as „the soft way“ and is a japanese martial art. You will learn the most important basics like easy throws and in the end you will be able to compete against eachother!
Kanu 2


You are going to learn how to handle a canoe and hopefully spend more time on the water than inside the wet! Only for swimmers!

Flag Football

Flag football is a sport without body contact, but team dynamics and fun are more than important. You will get to know the sport and play it yourselves as soon as the expert has explained all the basics. Join the team and play flag football!


„Karate“ translates as „empty hand“ and is an old martial art form Japan. You are going to learn punch and kick techniques within three days and in the end you can even compete against eachother!

Unicycle / Acrobatics

The acrobatics project combines physical coordination and fitness with creativity. Trust in your own body and other participants makes tricks possible that you normally know from the circus or variety shows!


Game, set and match! Learn the basics of tennis and get closer to your dream of Wimbledon!
Tanzen 2014


We are going to reflect the MULTI by combining different types of dances, such as HipHop, Salsa or Zumba. The big show at the farewell party awaits! Dancing connects and creates friendships, no matter who you are!
Anmeldeformular 2020